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  • | Sketchy B-Day |

    It was our dude Sketchy's bday on Monday....The big headed downtown in LA to visit our dude LamChopp who be running it there on LA Ave. There was also a little vid celebration of about 4 seconds then surfboard celebrations!





    Posted by Nico Tramontana
  • | Sketchy In Venice... |

    Our dude Sketchy was cruisin' around Venice Beach and the park yet again, laying down lines and just living life. Saw some pretty rad culture as always from the ave in Venice. Venice is a staple in becky's daily, you can catch him there often. There are some photo's below from the culture and Becky flowing. Meet a dude there who could do 1,000 360's in a row on one skate....he also was wearing a really rad tank!
    Posted by Nico Tramontana
  • | Winston & Markie Mark Arrive |

    We have added on two more stellar dudes out of Riverside CA. They live the VNDL life and skate till they die. Making waves is crucial and these guys are making it happen. They encompass the relaxed street culture that we are about. From being in the streets to park sessions Markie and Winston will be coolin and attracting your eye. Connect with them below.

    Winston/ IG: @w_instagram

    MarkieMark/ IG: @markiemark__

    Posted by Nico Tramontana
  • | 2014 SLS NIKE World Tour |


    Tune in to tomorrow for the official 2014 SLS Nike SB World Tour Dates and Locations announcement. Every stop of The 2014 Nike SB World Tour will air live on FOX Sports 1.


    The Champ is Ready:


    Posted by Nico Tramontana