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  • | Hong Kong's Insanity |

    Hong Kong is a meca in it's own right. It has the largest building in the world and also lends some incredible street life and culture. It's more smashed into one location than NYC, and much much larger than NYC. Basically the only comparison we have as easterners. HK also has some rad ass skate and surf spots. It has this industrialized beach with large futuristic building sitting right on the coast in some spots. The streets can almost be photographed as livable art. They portray a lot of confusion and hectic feelings with just the amount propaganda you would see looking down a block. There are some good shots of the city below from calm streets you can push on to the hectic and beach scenes....

    Posted by Nico Tramontana
  • | Cape Town: South Africa |

    Cape town is a great place. One of the most beautiful places around the world. It's home to tons of tourists and is very much a transition town. Although the culture that has survived for years appears and stays strong with the natives. There are great beaches and secret spots for surfing that attract world attention along with skating in the streets especially at night. If the locals can get away with it there are some notable street art locations which need to be checked out (locals can point you in the correct direction). Also the landscape the country of Africa portrays also stems down to Cape Town. There is the signature flat top mountain that sits set back behind the town, which just keeps rising up pas the clouds. Some shots below of the town which I hope help capture the uniqueness of this place.


    Posted by Nico Tramontana

      Maui seems to be an amazing place for a lot of tourist styled images and notoriety, but when it comes to the culture of people and island itself, there seems to be more to discover. The place obviously has a rad landscape among all of it's natural waterfalls, trails from history, and lagoons that water has carved out all the way to unique styled food.

      Going to a place like Maui let's escape the tourist side of things, relax on a secluded beach or in a bungalow and just chill out and reflect on whatever is happening in life, and makes time just stand still with no worry at all.

      Below are some pictures highlighting the natural aspects of the island along with the food and some crazy huge waves if you feel up to it when you're there. Scroll away...





    Posted by Nico Tramontana