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Henry Fitzpatrick /

Out of Michigan recently relocated to southern California, Henry has been riding with some of the best in the skate world. Recently added to the Active Store team as well Henry is moving fast and adding cred to his name. Take a gander at the man known as Sketchy Becky...


Luke Lawrence/

Out of Michigan as well, our dude has been cruising for years. Securing spots in countless contests, video appearances, and media features, Luke, aka Obese Beta Fish will make you say "dudes flowin mack daddy styllle". Well not really but maybe. Also check his blogline

@ lukelawrence6

Chris Andersen/

Since moving to Omaha the dude has been laying lines down that are some of the best you've seen. The combinations he puts together are flow like butter on a newly toasted english muffin, if that's what you're into. Being accepted in to the Berrics and other bigger profiled locations and events Chris makes a name for himself on his own and we're stoked that we can deck him out in the process.